Your Body's Mechanic

Walnut Creek Manual Therapy is a clinical massage practice dedicated to the treatment of soft tissue injury and dysfunction. Manual therapy involves both the patient and the practitioner in the course of the treatment sessions to achieve the desired results. I use a variety techniques and tools to manipulate the muscles, the joints, the fascia, the tendons and ligaments, and even the nerves. The treatment goal is the restoration of the optimal function of the joints and soft tissue so that you can get back to what you want to be doing.

Some of the common issues people have come to me for help are:  

    -general muscle and tendon sprains/strains

    -Back pain

    -Herniated discs

    -Degenerative joints/arthritis

    -tennis elbow

    -golfers elbow

    -carpal tunnel

    -plantar fasciitis


    -nerve entrapments

    -ACL/PCL and collateral ligament injuries

    -sciatic pain

    -whiplash injury

    -stiff neck

    -frozen shoulder 

    -post surgical recovery

    -joint replacement rehab

any many other structural conditions