Unlike typical spa massage, the work I do is done through clothing so it is best to wear something comfortable that is light weight, athletic clothing is ideal.

After the initial intake, there is a brief verbal and physical assessment regarding  area chief complaint to help me decide what areas need to be addressed or in some cases avoided. The treatments are then given with the client in a side lying position. After the session, we will discuss what was found and the best plan for future visits if necessary.

A note about the intensity of the hands on work

I take a direct approach to treating the areas of complaint. That means I will be working directly into areas that might be tender but that does not mean It needs to be painful to be of benefit. In contrast to many other styles of “deep” bodywork, the methods I use should feel comfortable even when the deepest structures of the body are worked. Communicating your level of comfort is essential to ensure that you the client are having the best massage treatment experience ever.

                        Prices Starting July1,2022

                 half hour................... $80.00                     
               hour session...................  $130.00                        

             hour and half session........$190.00                       

Payment method:
cash, checks and many major credit cards
Make checks payable to: “Walnut Creek Manual Therapy”

If you need a receipt for your records one can be sent via email 

What to Expect During your treatment session